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In the long history of Mexican cinema, the 1960s stand out as the only decade in which the industry actively sought out foreign, non-Latin performers.

Chabot appeared in 23 Mexican features in three years; generally cast as gringa, stereotyped as sexy outsiders.
Amedee Chabot (she was frequently billed as "Amadee Chabot" or "Amedée Chabot" in Mexico) was born in Chicago in 1945. Sometime later, she moved to Northridge, California, and in 1962 was chosen "Miss California." She participated in the "Miss U.S.A." contest and on 22 September 1962, in Huntington, West Virginia, won the crown. Amedee went on to represent the United States in the "Miss World" contest that year in London, and made it to the finals of that competition, held in November.
Later in 1962, Chabot was part of Bob Hope's annual Christmas tour of military bases, visiting Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Guam. Others on the tour were Lana Turner, Janis Paige, Anita Bryant, and Hope stalwarts Jerry Colonna and the Les Brown Band of Renown.

Amedee Chabot's first Mexican film was shot in May 1966, the Santo-Jorge Rivero spy adventure El tesoro de Moctezuma, in which she had the female lead as Rivero's love interest, an Interpol agent. Ironically, Elizabeth Campbell had been featured in Operación 67, which Tesoro was a sequel to. Bañame mi amor, shot in the later summer of 1966, teamed Chabot with the Texas-born Emily Cranz, an actress and dancer who had been working in Mexico for a number of years. Amedee's final film of 1966 was Autopsia de un fantasma, which starred three former Hollywood "names": Basil Rathbone (his last film), John Carradine, and Cameron Mitchell.

What brought Amedee Chabot to Mexico? At this point, we don't know. However, it was undoubtedly a good career move for her. After playing bit roles in routine Hollywood pictures, she was given substantial parts in Mexico, and work was plentiful: Chabot acted in 10 features in 1967 and 10 more in 1968, even though her dialogue was virtually always dubbed. [In Operación Carambola Chabot's real voice can be heard in one scene; otherwise, although in many of her pictures she seems to have been speaking her lines in Spanish during filming--based on the movements of her lips--her voice was over-dubbed by others]
Chabot's Mexican movies were mostly comedies, with a number of action films and Westerns in the mix. Her most "serious" picture was Narda o el verano, basically a three-person drama with Chabot as the romantic interest for Enrique Alvarez Félix and Héctor Bonilla.